Bryce Hull Full-Stack Javascript Developer

Here to build the next big thing, of course!

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I'm Bryce Hull from St. Louis, Missouri

A Full-stack Javascript Web Developer with a passion for learning new tech!

After several years spent in the public service, and law enforcement field I decided to take the leap in to full-time development. I've found I have a drive to create functional sites that are enjoyed by its users.

Tools and apps I use everyday:
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This is what I can do for you

Raze Energy Sales Solutions

Built using React, Node, PostgreSQL, Express, and Charts-JS

Raze Energy Sales Solutions is a business solution that recieved "Best business Solution " during my DevMountain Cohort. Raze Energy provides data visualization for energy performace companies to view data from energy information provided to the application


Built using React, Node, PostgreSQL, Express, and Redux

Groupii is a rework of the popular site Trello. Groupii was a collaborated effort by 5 developers, over the span of two weeks.

Guest Lecturer Interface

Built using React, Node, PostgreSQL, Express, and NodeMailer

Client facing application built for DevMountain. This application was a collaborated effort between myself and Mario Hoyos. Guest lecturer interface allows users to request and schedule lectures, as well as full admin rights to control when and which lecturers are approved.

Recommendations from colleagues


Bryce started as a student attending DevMountain where he pushed to learn and grow as a new developer at an incredible rate. Upon completing his education, Bryce was offered a position as a Student Mentor/Junior Web Developer on the DevMountain Team. I had the opportunity to work directly with Bryce and have been grateful for his hard work, positive attitude, and willingness to go above and beyond to get the job done. He helped uplift and push students towards a positive educational outcome. As a developer, he helped spearhead a product that had previously reached a stall in its development, adding new features, tools, and life to the project. Bryce will make a great addition to any development team.

Steven Isbell

Lead Instructor, DevMountain


As a relative to Bryce I have been able to watch him grow throughout his Law Enforcement career and on to his software development career. He is an excellent communicator and strives to provide his best work in everything he does! Any company that hires Bryce will be hiring on a team player and a true asset!

Kerry Becton

Senior Project Developer, Leidos


I've had the pleasure of working with Bryce on multiple occasions and each of them has been a great experience. As a developer i know few who have worked harder to learn and understand new skills and none more excited about developing. He has a great personality for teamwork and leadership and his problem solving capabilities and determination would make him a great asset to any team.

Spencer Smith

Student Developer, DevMountain


Bryce is an outstanding individual and developer. We both worked on internal software for DevMountain and he contributed clean, functional code consistently. He is a strong communicator, does not require handholding, and would make a killer addition to any development team.

Mario Hoyos

Full Stack Developer, BlockMedX


I know Bryce as a hard working and very serious team player with java script knowledge. I enjoyed working with him. He certainly can get my full recommendation.

Leah Dombrovsky

Student Developer, DevMountain